Wednesday 4 January 2012

Scooter returns to the wild

Hi everyone

I have just had some fantastic news from the USA. Scooter the rescued sea turtle I meet when I visited the sea turtle hospital has been released back into the ocean. This is me below with Sanctuary Sam, Richie Moretti who founded the turtle hospital and of course Scooter the turtle.
You can find out more about my trip back in May 2010

This is Scooter on the day of his release, with Richie.

Scooter was released with the help of Tom Wilmers, Wildlife Biologist for Florida Keys National Wildlife Refuges.  Scooter became everyone’s favorite sea turtle over the three years he was at The Turtle Hospital. 

Scooter came into the hospital a tiny lost hatchling and grew to a 32-pound young adult, a size that allowed him to be released into local waters.

That really was great news and made me so happy I could skip and dance. Good luck Scooter, enjoy the ocean. But keep an eye out for fishing nets and plastic litter.

Bye for now

Ed the Bear

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