Monday, 3 April 2017

A little bit of Shoreham Beach visits the EYE Eco Summit

Today we took a little bit of Shoreham Beach to Littlehampton Academy for the E.Y.E summit. E.Y.E Stands for Eco Young and Engaged – The E.Y.E. Project was established in 2008 by Tim Loughton, M.P. for East Worthing and Adur. The Project aims to raise sustainability awareness and encourage young people’s interest in the environment. It provides an additional opportunity for the young people within those schools to learn about environmental matters through fun and educational activities available at our Eco-Summit events across West Sussex.
There are now three EYE summits each year (and I have been privileged to have taken part in many since 2008).
This year the focus of our workshops was the secrets of the seashore strandline, using two ‘pebble print laminate sheets’ to create two beaches and on each beach he created two strandlines made up of natural objects and marine debris.        

                                                                                                                                                     We started the activity with an introduction to the nature reserve and then encouraged the children to identify the natural objects such as crab shells, ray, dogfish and whelk eggs as well as cuttlefish bones and various sea shells.
The first part of the workshop focused on the fascinating biodiversity along our coasts. This was followed by a PowerPoint quiz testing what the children had learned and adding extra facts and images of the animals that the natural objects came from. This included cuttlefish, dogfish developing in its egg case, tube worms, spider crab and piddock.

The workshop also explored marine debris on the beach and discussed the hazards it can cause and the different ways marine debris can find its way onto the beach.

Fishing net which was washed up by the tide, plastic bag left behind by a beach user, a shot gun cartridge that was washed down river and cotton buds that passed through the sewage system.

The workshop was repeated three times during the day along with other workshops run by Sussex Wildlife Trust, Southern Water, Weald & Downland Open Air Museum, Farming & Countryside Education and Plumpton College,Wastebuster and Sussex Green Living.

 Steve also took a display stand that included Shoreham Beach Local Nature Reserve, our marine education Programme and of course me, Ed the Bear

More pictures of the event taken my Littlehampton Gazette

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Ed the Bear supports Earth Hour

We have supported Earth Hour again this year and encouraged people to do the same. Earth Hour is a great way to raise awareness and focus on energy use and the threat of climate change.
During the hour we turned off all lights and enjoyed the glow of numerous candles as well as turning off all other non-essential electrical appliances such as computers and TV. 

For three years now, Ed the Bears UK base has used solar panels to provide much of the electricity to run the administration of the project in the UK - including the charging of mobile devices such laptops and cameras. 

Each year millions of people, businesses, and landmarks set aside an hour to host events, switch off their lights, and generally make noise to shine a light on the need for climate action.

You can find out more about Earth Hour at

Friday, 10 March 2017

Help Scientists Research Decline in Penguins throught Citizen Science

Hi all

This week is British Science week and a great time to get involved in some citizen science. I have meet many penguins in travels, including jackass Penguins inn Africa and inn Antarctica I meet King penguins, Gentoo and chin strap penguins.

Many penguins are in danger and scientists are studying the Antarctic penguin populations to find out why some species are declining.

So me and my buddy Steve, along with thousands of other people, are taking part in a citizen science project called Penguin Watch

The scientists have thousands of photographs that have been taken remotely and they need help counting all the penguins in each picture.
For each picture you count the adult penguins, chicks, eggs and other wildlife present.
There is an easy introduction on the website to explain how to help. I hope you will have fun helping the scientists help the penguins.

Ed the Bear

Monday, 13 February 2017

Ed the Bear at the Brighton Science festival

Hi all

Its time again for the Brighton Science Festival and along with friends of Shoreham Beach we set up our beach and ocean exhibit.
Each year I get to share another of my adventures and also talk story about the many things I have learned and experienced during my global travels such as that 50% of the oxygen we breathe on land actually comes from phytoplankton in the ocean.
The ocean also moderates our climate and weather, provides fresh water and 15% of global food. New medicines are being discovered in the ocean and the ocean is also a great pace for fun and wellbeing.
Sadly, the ocean is being damaged by many human activities such as plastic, climate change which is warming the ocean threatening marine life and also causing flooding.
Man made carbon dioxide is also changing the chemistry of the ocean causing ocean acidification.

Shoreham Beach and the River Adur are currently suffering the local consequences of global sea level rise from climate change as the sea and river defences are being raised. As the oceans warm - the water expands taking up more space and so sea levels rise. Melting glaciers is also a major reason why sea levels are rising.

I have also encountered some amazing wildlife to. I have sat with penguins on the polar ice, come nose to nose with great white sharks, dived on coral reef and shipwrecks and much more.
I have also observed the amazing wildlife we have on our on beaches in the UK - including the amazing local nature reserve on Shoreham Beach.

In fact we ran two drop in workshops where we demonstrated some of the amazing animals that live in rock pools on Shoreham Beach.

An amazing thing happened, you will never guess, the sea anemone actually gave birth to a tiny baby sea anemone on the day.

In between the drop in sessions we ran a video showing some of the places I had visited and animals I have encountered.
This included penguins in Antarctica and South Africa, great white sharks off South Africa, humpback whales and Laysan albatross in the Hawaiian Islands, coral fish, turtles and much more.

Friends of Shoreham Beach had an amazing exhibit about the  rare shingle plants and the fascinating wildlife that lives on the beach. There was also a strandline quiz and a plastic pollution exhibit.

My sister Bella also shared her adventures - looking at why freshwater is so valuable - in nature and to wildlife as well as humans.

As you know Bella is based at the Lewes Railway land Nature Reserve where she explores how water is important not just to the animals that lives in freshwater but also to the many animals that visit freshwater to drink, bathe, catch food, or lay eggs.

Bella has made two trips to the Amazon Rainforest in Peru and see some amazing wildlife. But its hard to believe that there is a shortage of clean drinking water in the rainforest for humans and Bella visited a community where they had a new water filter to make the river water safe to drink. You can find out more about Bella the Bear at Bella Bear's World of Water.

It was an amazing day with lots of questions from fascinated visitors.

Monday, 19 December 2016

Ed Bears Christmas Message

Hi all

Hope you all have a great Christmas.

Loads of extra packaging is generated this time of the year from all that lovely food and presents so please be careful and make sure you recycle everything that you can. Better still - try to chose items that have less packaging.

In this cold season its very comforting to stay indoors and bring in some of the outside. I cut down some branches from the garden and decorate it with berries and leaves. Unlike my American cousins - I stay awake all year round but in some parts of the world bears will already be asleep.

Its nice to brighten up our surroundings when things are looking bleak. While we have solar panels - these of course do not work at night - so I am trying out some solar powered Christmas lights for the garden - which will store the power during the day and will twinkle and flash after dark.

Have a great Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year.

I am busy making plans with Ed Wade Martins from moving sounds to travel back to the Atlantic with him early next year.

Happy holidays

Ed the Bear and Steve

Monday, 7 November 2016

Beach clean video

Hi all

As you know we took part in the Marine Conservation Society Great British Beach Clean back in September.

To help us share this message with local schools we made the following video

Bye all

Ed the Bear

Saturday, 22 October 2016

MP Tim Loughton unveils new signage on the nature reserve

Local MP Tim Loughton unveiled the new education and awareness signage on Shoreham Beach Local Nature Reserve - part of the 10 year anniversary of the reserve.

The unveiling commenced at 10.45am on the eastern end of the nature reserve.

Joy Daintree, the chairperson for Friends of Shoreham Beach, welcomed everyone and spoke about the last 10 years of the reserve - and its achievements.
Joy also spoke about the 10 year celebration and the Heritage Lottery Funding that had funded new information signage and also some educational events - some of which have been discussed in previous posts.
Tim Loughton the cut the ribbon and unveiled the new signs.

Afterwards everyone gathered for a press photograph around the signage.
There are seven new information panels - but only one was official unveiled on the day - as the remaining six were positioned at various entrances to the reserve.
The new signage is very eye catching as well as informative.