Monday 16 January 2012

Ed arrives safely in South Africa

Hi everyone.

Yes you guessed it, I’m here in South Africa with Abby, well in the area known as Western Cape to be exact. I've never been to Africa before so I am very excited. As you can see on the map below, Africa is South of the UK.

Abby has been travelling the world too. Abby works in an aquarium here in Cape Town but she is also travelling the world to find out more about different jobs/careers in the marine field and is learning along the way about different animals, facilities and cultures.

She has her own weblog where she plans to tell everyone about the fantastic work these people do to educate people and help protect the oceans.

Abby has made a quick detour from her trip to Alaska to come back and show me around before she continues onto the US. You can follow Abby's adventures at

Abby showed me where we were on a map and then she showed me some of the places she hoped to take me to while I was here.
I can't wait to have a look around
Bye for now Ed the Bear and Abby

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