Wednesday 25 January 2012

Fishing Line Bins

Hi all

Abby took me to the beach a couple more times. I kept wanting to go back and see the penguins at Bolder Beach.

Abby showed me one of the 'Fishing Line Bins'that the Dyer Island Conservation Trust started in Gansbaai and are trying to get going around our coastline. The fishing line is dangerous to marine wildlife that can become entangled in the fishing line or accidentally swallow it.
Any used fishing line can be put in these bins and then it gets collected and the Trust is making a giant ball to see how much they can collect and then I think they're going to make recycled items out of the fishing line.  

I explained to Abby that I had seen similar fishing line bins in Florida and that I thought they were an excellent idea. Every little piece of litter recycled is one less piece that ends up in the environment. See link below

Bye for now

Ed the Bear and Abby

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