Monday 2 January 2012

Another Year Another Adventure

In 2010 I travelled across the USA in the safe hands of NOAA staff who have helped me to understand some of the dangers that the oceans face and why. I also meet some amazing animals and made many new frineds too.

But I hear that the dangers to oceans are just as bad in other parts of the world as well. So after sharing my adventures with children and schools in theh UK last year, I am travelling again to find out more about these dangers.

First stop will be Cape Town in South Africa where I will be cared for by Abby the Aquarist and Heide. You can see a picture of Abby below.

Abby is an aquarist who works with the animals in an aquarium. She feeds them, trains them and makes sure that they get everything that they need. Abby is also going to take me to lots of other fascinating places too.

I can't wait.

I had better start packing.

Bye for now

Ed the Bear

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