Thursday 26 January 2012

Farewell to Abby, but not to South Africa.

Hi all

I have had loads of fun here with Abby but sadly its time to leave. Abby is travelling back to the USA to the Prince William Sound Science Centre at a place called Cordova.

I must be on my way as well. I am going to be a student for a while as I have been invited to attend the annual Maritime and Underwater Cultural Heritage Field School here in South Africa. I will be travelling to Robben Island which is just off the coast. Jonathan, a very good friend of Ken Stewart (who I met when I visited the NABS Youth Summit a couple of years ago) heard from Ken that I was in South Africa. He told Jonathan that I was very interested in learning more about how we are all linked by Heritage and Culture. Jonathan very kindly organised a place for me on the training course.

There is a link below to my 5 days trip to the Youth Summit in 2010.
I have been invited again this year and I hope to catch up with my special friends, so keep an eye out for this in June.

Before I left, I gave Abby a small present, a special pebble from my beach back at Shoreham by Sea in the UK. The pebble is what is left of a fossil sponge that was covered in flint millions of years ago. These fossil flint sponges erode (wear away) from the chalk cliffs and then get broken up by wave action which then leaves pebbles with holes in them. I put some string through the pebble so she could wear it as a necklace.

Abby had a gift for me as well. She gave me a special key ring from SANCCOB in the shape of a penguin – because she knew I loved seeing the penguins so much. Abby also gave me a piece of abalone shell that she had picked up during our first trip down to the rock pools.

Abby has promised to come and visit me in UK later in the year, I can’t wait it will be so much fun.

Bye for now, Ed the Bear and Abby.

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