Monday 19 March 2012

On my way to Robben Island

Hi all

I have been busy in South Africa and enjoying my stay. At last I have the time to let you know what I have been doing here in South Africa.

After my very enjoyable stay with Abby I left for Robben Island to learn more about Heritage. As you know I am very interested in Heritage, especially when it is to do with oceans.

Back home in the UK, the harbour near the beach where I live has been important for trade soince the 11th century. Sailing ships were also built there that carried goods as far as New Zealand while other vessels, including man-o-war were built to protect the local coast from pirates and from invasion.

Here I am travelling across the channel to Robben Island with Sophie and Robert. You can see Table Mountain in the background.
Its a lovely sunny day just right for being out on the ocean. Time to relax for a while as I will be very busy on Robben Island.

Here is a quick taster. I was not able to get my diving bell shipped out to Robben Island in time, but guess what. A special organisation called Frog Squad built me an underwater scooter so I could explore a ship wreck here.
Things did not go completely as planned and I had an accident in my scooter and this is why I have not had the time to report back to you until now. Don't worry, I am safe and I will tell you more soon.

Bye for now, Ed the Bear

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  1. Hi Ed!
    I am Guyito, a traveling toy from the Philippines. I am glad to have stumbled upon my blog and I am in awe of the places you have been to. I admire you for your advocacy, raising awareness on environmental issues among kids.

    I am new in traveling and in blogging, too. In fact, I have opened a blog just yesterday. I will hope on over here as often as I can and learn more about the places you have visited. I am traveling around my country to show people, especially kids, how beautiful my country is and to make them appreciate how blessed we are.

    Good luck.