Tuesday 2 February 2010

Ed on the radio!

Hi all

Today I got to sit in as a very special guest on KWMR (www.kwmr.org), community radio for West Marin, the hometown of the offices of Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary. Jennifer hosts a monthly radio program all about the ocean.

I got to sit in the studio and listen in to an interview with the West Coat National Marine Sanctuaries Regional Director, Bill Douros. He talked about how coastal managers have to consider the land/sea connection when making management decisions about the ocean. Bill discussed how it is important to  consider how the coastal ecosystem is intertwined with many things such as habitats, and peoples work. It is also important to consider the various functions that the ecosystem serves.

My buddy Steve, back in England, is on the management group for the Shoreham Beach Local Nature Reserve, which is also my local beach. The management group has to consider not just the rare vegetated shingle habitat, but also the needs and possible impact of local residents and beach users. This also includes recreational use of the beach and the inshore waters, such as fishing and kite surfers. The management group must also consider impact from issues such as climate change and marine litter.

I also got to hear about the San Francisco Ocean Film Festival that is coming up. What fun, an entire film festival about the ocean! You can find out more by following the link below.

You can hear Bills interview by visiting this website

It may not be available straight away, if not try the link again in a few days.

You can also hear past shows from all sorts of ocean topics from deep water exploration, to a woman who has been rowing across the Pacific Ocean in a rowboat, Roz Savage (Roz is from the UK).

I learned that it would be better to come back to Cordell Banks in the fall months (We call it Autumn back in England). In the fall the weather typically calms down on the ocean and humpback and blue whales can be seen in the sanctuary waters. That would be great to see.

It was great here and its a shame I must leave already. I'm heading off for my next destination, the Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary tommorow! I wonder why its called the Olympic Coast?

Bye for now, Ed

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