Monday 18 January 2010

Good Bye to the Monitor Sanctuary

Hi all

Well, sadly the time has come for me to leave the Monitor National Marine Sanctuary. I sure had fun and learned a lot! I am sad to leave my new friends, but I am also very excited to meet the staff of Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary next week!  Here is a picture of some of the team I meet here at the Monitor Sanctuary. I hope they enjoyed my visit as much as I enjoyed discovering about the Monitor Sanctuary and the fascinating work they do.

Left to right: John Broadwater, Dave Dodsworth, Jeff Johnston, Joe Hoyt, Shannon Ricles, and Lauren Heesemann.

John Broadwater and Jeff Johnston were actually the archeologist and historian that brought the turret up from the seabed. Joe is the current maritime archeologist working on Battle of the Atlantic Expedition.

Great news, Sanctuary Sam has offered to come with me and keep me company as I visit the various NOAA sanctuaries. I of course said yes. Sam said we are going to learn all about a fascinating underwater habitats off the California coast! I can’t wait….so Sam and I are off to you soon!

You can check out my next location Cordell Banks on the following link

Bye for now, Ed and Sam

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