Wednesday 18 August 2010

An unexpected discovery on the beach at San Juan

We went down to the small beach inside the harbour at San Juan for a paddle and a relaxing lay down on the sand.
While I was there I saw something moving as if it was being blown along by the breeze. I watched as it moved jerkily along the sand. I got down on all four paws for a closer look and I was surprised to see that the little white objects was being carried by an ant.
An ant on the beach, I was surprised. I watched the ant as it carried what appeared to be a small piece of seaweed along the sand and up the wall of the jetty.
Here I noticed other ants travelling to and from the sandy beach. The ant carrying the seaweed disappeared into a hole in the wall, above the high tide level. 
Wow these ants must forage for food on the beach at low tide and return to their home above the water level before high tide.

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