Thursday 24 December 2009

Me, Ed the Bear, in the news

Hi all

As I mentioned earlier I have made a detour to England from the USA to tell people about my experiences with marine litter and make sure everyone takes responsibility for disposing of all that extra packaging from Christmas presents (recycled where possible) and all those extra plastic drink bottles. My buddy Steve wrote an article for the local newspapers about my experiences, about Plastic Free Friday, about the terrible death of albatross and other marine life.

Here is the article that appeared in one of the local newspapers (Shoreham Herald). Unfortunately they did not have space for all of the article and they had to leave some of it out. We did have 12 cm of snow at the time, which is big news for us in Sussex, so we were given quite a lot of space and on page 2 as well! There was still plenty of the message to pass on and the article included my weblog address (which was also on the newspapers website) so hopefully plenty of people were able to follow this and get the full story.

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