Wednesday 23 December 2009

Ed's Special Christmas Message

Back home in the UK and I am staying with Bella over Christmas. Its a shame I missed the snow. Bella said there were lots of birds visiting the garden for food, such as this great tit.

I had a chat with my buddy Steve and asked him if he could send some information to the local newspapers about my detour to England and my festive message. I talked about the damage to ocean wildlife I had witnessed, including the terrible death of hundreds of Fred's friends, the albatross in the Hawaiian Islands.

After Christmas Day there will be lots of unwanted packaging and so I wanted to reminder people that we need to make sure that it is disposed of properly and where possible recycled to make sure it does not find its way into the environment and to save energy. Humans also tend to produce more waste such as glass and plastic bottles, food packaging etc during the festive season and so this all needs to be recycled too!

Its great to see Bella again. I have been telling her about my travels with Ron and Fred the Monkey and my trip to Spokane with Methea. I also discussed with Bella my travel plans for next year with NOAA which will take several months. It appears while I have been away I have recieved lots of invitations for visits and I cannot possible visit them all. I have asked Bella if she would like to visit some of these places for me. Bella also loves the oceans and wildlife and I know she will have a great time. Look out for Bella's adventures next year. It looks like me and Bella have a lot to talk about so I will have to say bye for now.

We both hope you are having a great Christmas time sharing with your loved ones. We both wish you a happy and healthy 2010 wherever you are and what ever you are doing. A special new years message for my special friend Fred the Monkey. I hope you are having a great time doing what you do best. Stay safe in your travels

Your friend Ed the Bear.

P.s. Bella says she hopes that she will also get to meet you some time soon, maybe you can come and stay with us later in 2010.

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