Sunday 20 December 2009

More from Spokane

Today Methea showed me some of the specimens that she uses to teach her kids about the oceans. Here I am taking a closer look.

These are preserved specimens including crab, shrimp and sea anemone.

This great horned eagle owl died after being hit by a car. It was preserved so that people could see what an owl looks like up close.

Methea said that the great horned eagle owl is one of the regions largest birds of prey. I did not tell Methea that I thought the owl was a bit scary. I don't think I would have turned my back on a live one!

I have had a really great time here with Methea and I have learned a lot about the oceans too. I hope I will be invited back again in the future, hopefully next time I will get to meet the kids too. A big thank you to Methea for looking after me so well.

Oh well, off to bed as tomorrow I will be taking a detour and travelling back to England to tell the people back home about the amazing things I have seen so far. Having seen all the harm that marine litter, especially plastics are doing to the oceans, I feel I need to get back to the UK to pass on this message - including Fred the Monkey's Plastic Free Friday decaration. See my blog entry 25th October 2009 if you missed it. It is a very important message following my work with Fred the Monkey and Ron Hirschi throughout October and November.

I learned a lot from Fred the Monkey and his buddy Ron Hirschi as well. I do miss Fred, I had a great time with him during my visit. Hopefully we will meet up again some time in the future. Fred has been a very busy monkey since we meet. You can find out more about what Fred the Monkey has been doing to save the oceans wildlife from plastic litter by going to project Soar
or by clicking the link on the side panel of this blog.

Christmas is a great time for humans and bears, but the festive season also generates a lot of litter and I need to pass on Fred and my message of Kuleana, Hawaiian word meaning responsibility.

Bye for Now
Ed  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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