Thursday 17 December 2009



Well its snowing here in Spokane. It was very enjoyable watching the snow fall as us bears are well equiped with a thick layer of fur and I also have my coat. Sliding on the snow is also great fun, but it can be dangerous too.

Here I am in the snow, there is something about it that brings out the cub in you. It is quite amazing to think that snow is water, but in a different form. Flowing through Spokane is the River Spokane which flows west and eventually reaches the ocean.

Methea showed me the drain in the grounds. She explained that as the snow melts it will run down drains like these and run to the river where it will flow to the sea. So I may be many miles from the ocean but I am still linked to the ocean via the river. Unfortuantely chemicals from the land and rubbish too, may also get washed into the river and down to the ocean.

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