Monday 30 November 2009

Visiting the S'klallam


I was lucky enough to go along with Ron to the Port Gamble S’klallam tribal reservation. Ron has visiting the S’klallam people to work with them on the book history project. I visited the library with Fred. All libraries are important, but this one is extra special as it is the very first public library on an Indian Reservation in America.

I would have loved to find out more about these people and the way they live, but my visit had to be very short. You can find out more about the Port Gamble S’klallam people by visiting this website  There is lots of information about how they live, their history and culture.

Art and stories are very important part of S’klallam culture. Stories and art can belong to a family and/or the Tribe. I hope one day that I might get to send more time with the S’klallam people and maybe share stories.

Ron has written a story called Seya’s Song which also has come beautiful illustrations by Constance Bergum

Next time you hear from me I will be in Spokane, also in Washington State

Bye for now, Ed

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