Monday 11 June 2018

World Ocean Day Message part 2

As mentioned in my last post, oceans are awesome, teaming with amazing biodiversity and providing us with important stuff like oxygen to breathe, water to drink.

But sadly, the ocean system is struggling against human damage and on my travels I have sadly encountered this in many places from Sussex to Antarctica.

The planet is getting warmer which includes the oceans too. Warmer oceans are causing the polar ice to melt causing sea level rise.
However the oceans are getting rising because the oceans are getting warmer, because water expands when it is heated, and takes up more space in the ocean basins.

Warmer oceans are changing where some marine animals live. This is disrupting food chains and some animals are starving.
Sea birds that usually catch sand eels near to sure are having to fly further to catch food for their chicks and many are now not able to catch enough food to feed them.

Warmer seas, pollution ocean acidity are just some of the threats to coral reefs which are dying

Warmer seas mean more tropical storms. More moisture in the air will power stronger more powerful storms that can upset global weather patterns.

Sea level rise and stronger storms means more coastal erosion.

On my travels to the Hawaiian Islands I meet some dedicated people and learned a very important Hawaiian word Kuleana. This means Responsibility, but responsibility at a cultural level.
The bad news is, we are all responsible as we contribute to the damage to the oceans through modern living. The good news is, that we are all responsible, which means we can also do something about it by making small changes to how we live.

Find out more in the final post coming soon

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