Wednesday 27 June 2018

Ed the Bear returned to the EYE Eco Summit

We returned again to the EYE Project (Eco Young Engaged) to run workshops. This is the project's 11th year and growing.

This year we set up our artificial beach to create a seashore strandline. Children could explore the natural objects washed up on the beach and explore the clues that these objects provide us about life around our coast.

What does a cuttlefish look like? how does a dogfish grow inside its egg capsule, how do predatory dogfish eat mussels and much more was explored through a visual PowerPoint strandline quiz.

The children could also examine the man-made rubbish that washes up on the beach?
Choosing an item they had to consider what the object was, how it might have found its way to the beach and how it might be dangerous to marine wildlife.

We also took along our exhibition stand including Shoreham Beach Local Nature Reserve, as well as the story of Ed the Bears travels, some of the fabulous places he has visited, amazing wildlife he has encountered but also some of the damage caused by humans.

It was an amazing day and we meet some great children full of enthusiasm and great questions and of course, dedication to help the environment.

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