Friday 8 June 2018

Celebration World Oceans Day

Hi all

I hope you have been out celebrating World Oceans Day. This is an event that not only celebrates the amazing biodiversity of marine life but also the many ways that we benefit from the ocean everyday.

We might think that the seas and oceans divide us, but actually we are all linked by the ocean.

Without the oceans, life on earth would be very different

Plankton is a vital component of marine food webs. Even though we don't eat them directly, (although we have probably eaten fish that have), there are also other reasons why we need plankton.

We also rely on the ocean for freshwater and food.

Oceans are also a lot of fun providing us with essential wellbeing.

But the oceans are endangered through many human activities.

Find out more about how the oceans are threatened in tomorrows post

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