Wednesday 8 October 2014

Ship wreck survey part 2

Hi all

Today the youths would use the skills they had practiced on the land yesterday, but this time on a real ship wreck under the sea. I was very disappointed because my diving bell developed a problem and I could not go down with them.

This blog entry was was written for me by one of the youths

Today started early with yoga in the morning everyone was pretty tired but everyone enjoyed it and benefited from it in the long run. Next came breakfast;there was so many choices of food to choose from but I decided on waffles and bacon (my new favorite breakfast). After that we left early to head to Biscayne national park the car ride was long but I enjoyed the scenery along the way, there were many interesting plants and animals to look at(sadly no bears).

After the car ride was over everyone got there equipment out and loaded it on to a big boat called “the lost continent” I thought that was a really cool name for a boat .The boat ride took a pretty long time but that’s OK because I took a nap on the way and I had the best seat on the boat .I watched every one get into their gear and I tried to get into mine but sadly my favorite dive bell would not work so I was not allowed to enter the water with my friends. 

Even though I did not get to go  into the water I watched the others from the boat and they looked like they were having lots of fun. They all had tape measures and were placing down little flags next to artifacts in the wreckage of a ship. After they all came back up from their dive we all had lunch and we talked about the dive so I made sure to get all the details from everyone. After lunch was done they were right back into the water they were swimming around measuring things on the wreck and it looked confusing but they seemed to be doing a good job. 

After the second dive it was raining and we headed back to shore and everyone seemed tired so I let them have their rest. After the boat ride was done we all packed up our things and congratulated each other on a job well done and we called it a day.

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