Friday 10 October 2014

Final ship wreck Dive (part 4)

Hi everyone

Well its our final day of diving on the ship wreck and everyone including myself were looking forward to getting into the water.

The following blog was written for me by R J Holman.

Hey guys it's Ed the bear and I am back! I woke up 5:00 am this morning to wash furry fur in the river. After my warm bath I felt I needed a little stretching, so I went to my yoga class at 6:00 am. It was just what I need besides the mean biting mosquitoes I got the right to boost for my day. After breakfast I went with my fellow YDWP (Youth Divers With Purpose) to Biscayne Bay National Park to finish up our in-situ drawing.

At once I got on the boat ready to get in the in the water because it was the last day of diving. Once I was in the water I got a little distracted by fish swimming around me but I got I back on my in-situ drawing. 
After my first dive I came up and have some lunch with friends. I had a delightful sub (the roll kind not the underwater type - Ed Bear) with roast beef, Swiss cheese, and top it off with sum good honey from pooh. Then it was time it get back in the water. My tummy was hurting little because I eat little bit too much good food but eventually dived in

This dive was all about going back over my drawings making sure everything is recorded right. After we finish diving today we went and have some delicious food provided by a fellow friend from YDWP at the park. I have had a fun exciting and interesting day today. I learned a lot and how to apply my knowledge to paper.

Great work everyone. A very busy but exciting and rewarding time. We had to fan the sea floor to expose the wreck and documenting the site using a ruler, pencil and slate with Mylar paper (special paper you can write on underwater). This type of diving it takes a lot of care and concentration as its important that everything is recorded accurately.
We all took part in underwater mapping and the complicated trilteration (the method archeologist use to map and measure the various sections of the wreck) and we were all up to the challenge.

But the fun is not over yet. Tomorrow we are going to help restore a damaged coral reef with Coral Restoration Foundation.

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