Wednesday 15 October 2014

Ed and the youths help restore a coral reef

Hi all

Today started the second exciting part of the project with Youth Dive with Purpose. I was going to find out today how the Coral Reef Restoration Project is helping to restore coral reefs and I would get
a chance to join in.

 The following bog was written by one of the youths.

Today started coral restoration, which meant no more yoga. Although the extra sleep and the lack of bugs were nice, in a way yoga was mixed as I felt the need to run. Anyways being the first day of coral restoration we had to attend the classroom part.

To me this was so interesting. Despite the presentation being mostly review, as I already knew the material since I did the program last year, I was still very engaged (for I want to do work with Cnidarians professionally).
After the presentation was the hands on portion, where we practiced what we will do underwater on land. This was quite fun, but really just made me want to get in the water already.

Luckily, the next thing on the schedule was diving!!! As we all made out way to the boat (including Ed the bear) it was time to get in our groups to "plant a coral, restore a reef".

I was in group red or deep purple I should say as I soon realized that underwater red is one of the first colours to leave. Once underwater we toured the facilities.
Everything looked amazing even the 2nd time around. Surrounded by coral trees, it was time to get started.
The first part was staging which our instructor cut off some of the coral for us to stage. Although this was exciting the next part was probably the most rewarding.

We got to plant the coral! This took quite a bit if time, as I wanted to plant each piece of coral with care. Finding the right spot, clearing it of algae, and giving it the support that's needed to grow, to me was a huge responsibility and task.

As I completed it however I would hover over the coral to make sure everything was perfect not wanting to let it go as if it was a parent sending me baby off to college.

However I had to move on as there was more coral to be planted before the end of the dive and end of the day.

Finally as I felt I perfected each one, my group came up and our 2nd dive was over along with the activities for the day. With the day winding up I couldn't help but feel accomplished

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