Thursday 9 October 2014

Ship wreck survey part 3

Hi all

Great news, my diving bell is fixed and will be off to join the youths down on the wreck site. This really is a great project. In my previous visits to Ken Stewart and the Tennessee Aquatic Project youths we explored some great underwater sites and took part in beach clean events

But Youth Dive with Purpose takes the whole thing one step further. As the name suggests the youths are diving with an important purpose - which at the moment is to help survey the ship wreck below us. This will reveal important information about the wreck and record the information for others to use.

The following blog was written for me by Olivia Frenczy

Hey friends! It’s Ed the Bear again. Today was the first day that i got to go diving into the crystal blue water. We started our day off great, with some yoga to warm up our muscles for a hard day of diving. After yoga and a nutritious breakfast, I applied a thick layer of sunscreen to my fur to make sure i don't turn into a bright red bear. I packed my diving bell, and we were off to the bright sun and splashing waves. On our way over to Captain Ed's Wreck was a lot of fun. The sun made it nice and warm on my thick fur, but the breeze made it the perfect temperature. I sat on the bow of the boat with all my new friends.

When we arrived at the dive site, I was ready to just leap right into the water, but I had to wait to get a dive briefing from the captain and the dive master so that I know what to do when I'm diving in the water. When it was actually time to jump in, I couldn't wait. My buddy was ready and so was I. One at a time we jumped in the warm water and started swimming towards the anchor and descended to the wreck. (I was lowered into the water slowly in my diving bell and David Furst carefully maneuvered my diving bell into the right position - Ed Bear).

Our first dive at this site was just a survey dive, which means that we just swim around the wreck to try and get to know what we will be working with for the next 3 days. It was a lot of fun to see the wreck. What I could see from this dive was that we had a lot of work ahead of us, but with all the divers and teamwork, it would be a piece of cake, and I love cake. 

For our second dive, we stared to place pin flags on different artefacts that we thought were interesting. That was easy for most people but hard for me because I found the whole wreck interesting, and I couldn't pick a spot to put my pin flags, but I eventually decided on a good place.
After those 2 dives there were many hungry divers on board, and one very hungry bear. So we went back to out hotel rooms, took a shower and headed out to dinner.

Now you may think that I am an extraordinary bear doing all this diving, but in reality, I am just like any other ordinary bear doing extraordinary things.

more to come soon

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