Monday 21 June 2010

An afternoon of snorkelling

Hi all

After the NABS/YES youth went through their 5 stations, we all went snorkeling. They were all too excited to write a blog on this, as this was the youths first chance for snorkeling, but I think the pictures speak for themselves.
We went out on the boat, Amoray Diver.
Sanctuary Sam helped to drive the boat. (He did quite well, at least we didn't hit anything).

I got the chance to go out with them with my underwater diving bubble. Matthew Taylor from NOAA took care of me much of the time.
Me and Matthew

Here I am with Matthew and the YES Youths, they look like they are having great fun!

As you can see, the water was a lot more cloudy than when I was here last, I felt like a living secchi disk
I was glad Matthew was keeping an eye on me as I was a bit worried I might get lost and no one would be able to find me.
We didn't use any diving weights this time so  could easily pop back up to the surface, Matthew as well if he was holding on - weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

This is me on the coral reef with Ashley

Here I am with the the YES Youths.
Here I am back on the surface with Ashley and Kwadjo.

Eventually it was time to go, the snorkeling trip finished our day. It was such fun and great to have the company of my new friends.

I'm feeling a bit peckish after all this excitement. Time for a honey and banana sandwich and off to bed. I here it will be another busy day tomorrow. Ed

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