Friday 23 April 2010

UK Sustainable Oceans Conference - Evolving Seas

Hi all

I have just heard from my buddy Steve back in the UK. While I have been exploring Thunder Bay, Steve has been telling everyone about my adventures and my One World One Ocewan Message back in the UK.
Steve was one of the speakers.

He also took along a display about my adventures.

On the second day, Steve led an ecology tour on my local beach - Shoreham Beach - an spoke about my concerns about global warming and other threats.

You can find out more about this conference by following the link below.

Bye for now, Ed

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  1. Hi Ed (and Steve),
    Glad you're finally getting some good dives in your submersible, and that it's keeping you nice and dry. Seems like a good fit too -- hope there's plenty of leg room.

    They call the tangs surgeonfish because all the surgeonfish have two very sharp "scalpels". These are two razor sharp blades or "tangs" on their bodies to help keep them safe from predators. If you look at the blue tangs, right where their bodies meet their tail fins, you'll notice a little spot of yellow. Right there, on each side, is a sharp spine that the tang can make stick out to the side. If a big fish tries to grab him, the tang can give him a very painful poke just by brushing the predator with his tail, and then make his getaway.

    Keep up the adventures!

    Ed Williams