Thursday 15 October 2009

Ed takes part in eco schools conference

Today I took part in an eco-schools conference run by Brighton and Hove City Council attended by local school teachers planning to make their schools more sustainable. Steve and I took along a stand about my intended worldwide travels to raise awareness of the damage humans are doing to the oceans. Schools are making a valuable contribution to tackling global issues by making changes that save energy, run recycling projects, develop their grounds for wildlife etc.

Our stand included information and pictures about my local beach at Shoreham, its rare vegetated shingle habitat and the concerns that sea level rise and other global issues may damage this fascinating beach.

There were also pictures about some of beautiful marine life and the locations I am planning to visit, including my US Tour starting January 2010. There were also pictures showing the damage being done to wildlife. About 1 million sea birds and 100,000 sea mammals die each year when they swallow or become entangled in marine litter. Global warming is causing corals to die and food webs to be disrupted.

There was a lot of enthusiasm and interest from many of the teachers and we have given them the address for this weblog. Hopefully the teachers and children will be able to follow my adventures.

Leave me a message in the comments about the things you are doing to save energy or reduce litter.

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