Sunday 25 October 2009

Plastic Free Friday

Hi all

While Prime Minister Gordon Brown meets to discuss global issues with other countries, Fred the monkey has organised a meeting with representatives from different animal "nations" to find a way that we can protect animal life from death by plastic. Fred told me he has been in contact with president Obama. He said the president wants Fred to talk story with as many animals as possible, getting the unbiased accounts of the earth's environmental problems.

The meeting included myself, Shark from the Open Ocean, Humuhumu from the Big Island, Monk Seal from Kauai, and Fred's buddy Redfooted Booby who snuck back with Fred from Pihemanu out at Papahanaumokuakea, we decided to do this for our friends the Albatrosses.....

As you can see in this photo at our high level meeting at the beach, Fred is wearing still more leg bands from albatrosses who died young due to markers, toothbrushes, toys, bottle caps, lighters, water bottles, and other plastic entering the sea daily by the tons. The result of our meeting, PLASTIC FREE FRIDAYS which is our way of saying no to plastics.
We ask you to avoid buying any drink in plastic bottles, any food wrapped in plastic, and any toy or other thing you might use made from plastic this, and every Friday.

You can find out more about Fred and this declaration of PLASTIC FREE FRIDAYS on his own weblog
Check it out and see what you can do to promote plastic free Fridays and find out what else Fred has been up to.

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  1. Aloha Ed! My good friend!

    I sure had fun surfing with you in Hawai'i and hanging our a bit with you at home on Marrowstone Island. Thank you for joining me for Plastic Free Fridays. Our Albatross buddies will be in touch with you, no doubt about it. They need lotsa help and malama (protection).

    I'm now off to Australia. You think they grow bananas down under? I hear lots of human talk is English because lotsa Australians came there because they were not wanted in your home country because they were poor and troubled. Kinda like us monkeys, yeah!

    Your Buddy, Fred the Monkey