Friday 10 April 2015

Tenerife trip part 2

Hi all
Today we have traveled inland and visited an ancient laurel forest. We are in the north west of the island where it is often enshrouded with clouds or mist; however this is the perfect requirements for the forest to thrive.

How amazing, we are walking in a cloud.

I stopped to read the information sign and the others walked on without me. It said.
'65 million years ago Laurel Forest covered large areas of the planet – although back then the volcanic Canary Islands had not yet been born. The laurel forests adapted to major geological and climatic changes that made many ancient species extinct. One of these adapted species, Macaronesian Laurel forest, lives here at Monte del Agua'.
The cloud makes the air very damp and a little spooky. It would be easy to imagine that we had traveled back in time to some prehistoric would and any minute one might expect to hear the roar of a dinosaur.

There are lots of ferns and flowering plants growing by the rocks. It was an amazing place, I wonder if the Amazon Rainforest where Bella visited was anything like this? Soon I heard voices in the mist and then shapes and I realised I had caught up with everyone. Phew.
 I had a really amazing time in Tenerife, an island that is like several island joined together. Hot dry desert in the south, stunning volcanic rock coastline in the west and ancient forest. Wow

Bye for now

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