Monday 18 October 2010

More from the Aquarius Live Broadcast

I have not had the chance to watch every day but is has been great to catch some of the live broadcasts.

The children had some great question and some of the schools sent in artwork.
This was part of a great art section of each broadcasts.

I watched the live programme where the TAP Youth took part and asked some great questions of the aquanauts.

During the broadcast they encouraged people to take a pledge to help the oceans. This is similar to the pledge that I am asking people to make too. Read the list above and see how you can help the oceans. Have you made your pledge yet? I know Captain Cousteau, mentioned above was an inspiration to my buddy Steve when he was younger.

One of the great thing about these live broadcasts was the way they really captured the sense of mystery and excitement of ocean science. The ocean really is an exciting place.

I have really enjoyed this programme.

Bye for now, Ed

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