Thursday 14 October 2010

Aquarius live broadcast, If Reefs Could Talk

Hi everyone

I have been watching the live broadcast from Aquarius, Wow it is an amazing place. Scientists called aquanauts live on the Aquarius habitat for several weeks at a time and they are studying the nearby reef. 
The air in the undersea habitat is at the same pressure as the surrounding ocean so they can live there quite happily.
It is also this air pressure that stops the water coming into the habitat through the moon pool, the entrance for the divers into the surrounding water.
Today is the day for my question. At the beginning of the programme they gave me a shout out and showed a picture of me on the screen behind the person hosting the live broadcast.
The host is reading out my question for the scientist to answer

My question was.

“While I was travelling in the US earlier this year investigating global environmental issues with NOAA I learned about a very scary problem called ocean acidification. Is the reef near "Aquarius" showing any signs of damage from acid oceans”?

Bye for now, Ed

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