Friday 10 March 2017

Help Scientists Research Decline in Penguins throught Citizen Science

Hi all

This week is British Science week and a great time to get involved in some citizen science. I have meet many penguins in travels, including jackass Penguins inn Africa and inn Antarctica I meet King penguins, Gentoo and chin strap penguins.

Many penguins are in danger and scientists are studying the Antarctic penguin populations to find out why some species are declining.

So me and my buddy Steve, along with thousands of other people, are taking part in a citizen science project called Penguin Watch

The scientists have thousands of photographs that have been taken remotely and they need help counting all the penguins in each picture.
For each picture you count the adult penguins, chicks, eggs and other wildlife present.
There is an easy introduction on the website to explain how to help. I hope you will have fun helping the scientists help the penguins.

Ed the Bear

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