Thursday 3 September 2015

Ed the Bear explores Newhaven

Hi all

Well I am back on shore today while the crew make last minute preparations. I took a walk up the hill from the marina to get a view of the sea. 
I look back towards the marina and I can just make out the Moondancer at mooring.

From the hill top I can see the mouth of the river and the mouth of the harbour. 
We will be leaving soon and will head out towards the sea and then sail around the western arm and head off west along the Channel.
This is a view to the west from the same hill.

Back on board there is lots of excitement and the preparations will soon be complete.
The first leg of our journey will take us westwards along the South Coast, past my beach at Shoreham and eventually on to Falmouth. From there we will head south towards Spain and Portugal. How we travel from there will depend on the sea conditions, wind and weather.
I will report back as soon as I am able.

Bye for now

Ed the Bear

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