Wednesday 2 September 2015

Ed the Bear Embarks on the Moondancer

Hi all

Well the day is finally here and I have just arrived at Newhaven Harbour to embark on the 32 foot sailing yacht the Moondancer. I had previously met Ed Wade-Martins at the EYE Eco Summit but I have not meet any of the rest of the crew.

Ed greets me at the gate and we make our way along a series of gang planks and floating walk ways and eventually reach the Moondancer. She is a beautiful vessel.
Most of the vessels I have traveled on have been hi-tech vessels built for research and I have only been on board a day at a time. Including the R/V Fulmar, a research vessel you might have seen on the BBC TV programme Big Blue Live.

This is me on the R/V Fulmar back in March 2010

This trip is going to be a very different experience, but I hope this will also be a chance to experience (and feel) the amazing power and beauty of the ocean.
Being a small bear the vessel looks really big to me and one of the crew help me on board. Things are very manic as you would expect with the final preparations underway. One of the crew have just returned with food for the journey and it is being checked and packed away.

Someone gives me a hot cup of tea and honey and I find a space to keep out of everybody's way. Across the water behind Moondance is a huge ferry which to me looks as big as one of the icebergs I saw in Antarctica.
There are many other vessels of different sizes moored up in the marina.
I leave Ed (the human) to help sort out solar panels which are to be fitted to the roof of the cabin.

Everyone is very busy but there is also a feeling of excitement in the air.

Bye for now

Ed the Bear

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