Friday 11 March 2011

Tsunami disaster


I am sure you have all heard about the terrible Earthquake in the ocean near Japan. This is a terrible disaster, the worst of the damage coming from a huge wave which is called a Tsunami. This was caused because the earthquake was underwater.

You may remember that when I was in the Hawaiian Islands in February last year there was an earthquake in Chile which was also terrible. This also caused a tsunami rushed across the ocean towards the Hawaiian islands. Everyone was evacuated to safety, including myself and sanctuary Sam. We took shelter in a 12 story building with other volunteers who had come to take part in the annual whale watch.

Lucky for us the wave lost much of its energy and did not cause any damage in Hawaii. This time, the tsunami did reach Hawaii and did cause some damage. Its not clear at the moment how much damage.

This time the wave was larger (because the earthquake was nearer to Hawaii) and not only reached the Hawaiian Islands it continued on to the West Coast mainland of the US. I have made lots of frinds in my travels thrught this area and I hope they are all safe.

More news soon


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