Tuesday 20 October 2015

Crossing the Bay of Biscay

Hi all

We left Falmouth in Cornwall bound for Spain heading off across the Channel  and the Bay of Biscay
Weather is very unpredictable in the Bay of Biscay and can be very stormy. I have heard that in the days when huge sailing boats sailed the seas, sailors feared the Bay of Biscay. They either struggled against the powerful westerly winds or heavy swells that drove them into the Bay.
Things are much easier today (I was pleased to hear) with modern sailing vessels, with modern technology to lend a helping hand. The crew had been monitoring the weather and its now cleared enough to head off into the blue again.

We are now moored at Lison Portugal and we are again waiting for a weather system to clear before we move on. So a good time to give you an update. The weather was indeed quite rough at times and we all got thrown about now and again. 
Luckily everything was tied down and we did not loose anything (or anyone) overboard.

Lots of dolphins and whales swim through the Bay of Biscay and we saw some pilot whale and a pod of common dolphins joined us for a while. We all welcomed their company.

There was also an amazing sunset as the sun seemed to just sink into the ocean! 
We hope soon to leave Lisbon for the Canary Islands.

Click the following link to see what fun we all got up to crossing the Bay of Bisay

Ed and the Crew of the Moondancer.


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