Saturday 8 December 2012

Teaching about Great White Sharks

Hi all

I am back in the UK and today I helped my buddy Steve teach a group of children about sharks. I was keen to pass on my experiences of great white sharks and how they might look frightening, but actually they are amazing animals.
I shared with them what I had learned from Chris and Monique about great white sharks. How great white sharks are endangered and they have more to fear from humans.

I shared with the children how Chris and Monique study these sharks and how they use a decoy to attract the sharks and photograph them. They also run tours to bring sharks and humans together so they can experience what these amazing sharks are like and will tell other people.

I showed them the photographs of me riding the decoy, to show how sharks only feed when they are hungry. They were very impressed.
 We then showed them one of Chris and Monique's decoys that had been chewed by great white sharks and they put their fingers into the tooth holes - they were really excited about this.

We shared some of the amazing photographs that Chris had taken of me during my visit and also of the sharks.
Seals are clever too and very acrobatic and they sometimes manage to avoid an attack from a feeding great white shark 

The children were amazed to discover that sharks had characters too - such as Shy Guy a 7 year old great white shark. I enjoyed sharing my experiences and the kids had a great day too. They all said it was amazing.

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Ed the Bear

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