Thursday 30 August 2012

Friends of Ed the Bear explore West Beach Local Nature Reserve UK

Hi all

If you are a follower of my this blog you will know I spend much of the time travelling around the world learning about marine life and investigating conservation threats to the ocean. You may not know this but the wildlife and coasts around the UK are just as fascinating and important.
So I will be enlisting the help of children and their 'bear friends' around the UK to visit these beaches and make a report of what they discover. This may be individual children, schools or at special events.

They will be the Friends of Ed the Bear.

To find out more about the Friends of Ed the Bear and their adventures at West Beach you can follow the link below to the friends of Ed the Bear website.  
I hope you enjoy discovering West Beach along with the first of the Friends of Ed the Bear. Sand beaches, tide pools, a pier, vegeatetd shingle and sand dunes all on one beach.  

Bye for now  

Ed the Bear

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