Sunday 3 June 2012

Arriving at the Youth Educational Summit and meeting everyone

Hi all

I have arrived in the USA and I was pleased to meet up with my good friend Lisa. As with my last visit to the Youth Education Summit, some of the youths will write some of my blogs for me.

I just arrived from England and met my friend Lisa at the Houston Hobby airport. It was a 10-hour flight, we arrived in at 8:20 A.M

Then after we got off of the plane we then went to the TSU (Texas Southern University) lobby and just hung around until we could get into our dorm rooms. Once we got in our dorm room we cleaned the room and bed up a little bit so we could put our sheets on the mattress. After we finished cleaning and putting the sheets on the mattress we came back down to the TSU lobby so we could register for our rooms. 

We are waiting for everybody to arrive tonight. At 2:00 we took a tour around the Texas Southern University campus. We went to the Moot court room and that is where the law students practice their cases so they could be ready if they actually had a jury case. Then after we did that we talked about Jacques Cousteau and we wore red hats to celebrate what his birthday Jacques Cousteau invented the BCD (Buoyancy Control Device) Written by Lisa.

I got to have my picture taken with all the youths when they arrived.
 This is me with Alexis Braden (I met Alexis last time as well)

 This is asmin Henry

This is me with Bashir

 This is me meeting Cesar

 Here I am with Colin

 This is David Brown Jr

 This me relaxing with Desiree Boyd

And of course, this is me with my friend Lisa

 This is Matthew Edwards (who I have also met before)

 This is me with Rachel Stewart

 This is Toure'
This is TJ Bently

Here I am with Winston Sharp III

I hope I will be able to remember all their names.

I can't wait to find out what we will be doing tomorrow.

Bye for now, Ed the Bear.

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