Saturday 11 June 2011

Adur World Oceans Day

Hi all

I am the Adur World Oceans Day Event. This year it has joined with the Environment Festival so there are displays about the environment and also stands where people are selling environmentally friendly products.

My buddy Steve brought his dolphin display and pictures showing dolphins and seals that have been seen locally.

We also brought along a display about my travels and global conservation issue.

There were lots of children visiting the exhibition and they enjoyed finding out about my travels and many were concerned to find out about marine debris, pollution and many other ocean problems.
This included the ocean acidification demonstration which created a lot of interest, especially with adult visitors.

The Friends of Shoreham Beach had a wonderful display about Shoreham Beach, the plants and also did some great art activities with the children.

I had a quick look around at the displays. I saw interesting fish in this tank.

I thought this girl was very brave touching the edible crab - look at the size of its pincers.

It was a very busy day but lots of fun.

Bye for now

Ed the Bear 

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