Sunday 1 May 2011

Ed the Bear at the Marlipins Museum

Hi all

I have been really busy helping with a temporary display at the Marlipins Museum in Shoreham. This display is all about Shoreham Beach Local Nature Reserve.
There are lots of pictures and information about the special plants and the wildlife that visits the flowers.

This cabinet has lots of shells and other fascinating objects that are washed up onto the beach at high tide.

Sadly, litter and marine debris gets washed up on our beach as well. This display tells people all about marine litter and how long it takes to breakdown in the environment. Some of it takes a very long time - especially plastic.

There is also a display about my adventures too called from Shoreham Beach to the Pacific Ocean.
Here are some of the animals I have encountered and some of the people I have meet on my travels.
The display also tells people about some of the global problems that affect the oceans and may even be a danger here at Shoreham. The display also shows how people are helping the ocean and how we can all help the ocean too.

Below you can see some of the posters that local school children have made about litter on Shoreham Beach

The Marlipins is a very special museum with displays all about the local history of the town, the beach, the harbour and maritime history too. As you may remember, I am very interested in maritime history. Many ships were built here in the past, some carried goods while others fought in sea battles.

Our exhibition will be here until the end of May.

Bye for now, Ed

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