Saturday 2 April 2011

Twinkle the Seal

Hi all

A seal named Twinkle, by his rescuers, has been visiting the coast and river near my local beach here at Shoreham in the UK.

The seal is a common seal which was rescued many miles away on 13/6/10 on the east coast of England. It was released by the RSPCA (rescuers) on the east coast on 18/8/10.
The seal is a male yearling, was first seen in Sussex at Cuckmere River in November 2010 and has been travelling between the River Cuckmere, River Ouse and River Adur.

The River Adur is very near my local beach. This seal can be identified by an orange number tag 61940 on its hind flipper. The rescuers put the tag on the seal so they could identify the seal and would know if it got into trouble again.
It has been great fun watching this seal, especially when it is laying out on the muddy river bank at low tide. It looks really cute.

Sadly, many common seals are endangered around the UK. If you want to know more about this seal, click on the link below

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Ed the Bear

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