Sunday 16 January 2011

Catch up on my Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary

Hi all

You may remember back in May last year that I visited the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary. However, there were a lot of problems at the time including the terrible oil spill and so I did not get the chance to include this trip on my blog

Below are a series of pictures of my visit. Fred and I would be travelling out with some of the staff on the research vessel Manta where they would be using a remote controlled vehicle to take photographs of marine life.

I would not get the chance to use by diving bell in the sanctuary but I did help them check some equipment in a pool.
Here I am checking out the underwater camera equipment from my own submersible.
Sanctuary Sam, keeps an eye on things from the surface of a pool, while I explore below with my submersible.
In a swimming pool, I help the researchers make sure the camera gear used for monitoring is ready for action.

Here I am signing in for my research trip on board the R/V Manta.
Sam and I get settled in to our bunkroom on board the R/V Manta.

I check out the view from the pilot house with Sam.
Here I am checking on a dive tank on board the R/V Manta. Hard hats and life jackets are required gear when working on deck.

Sam and I get a chance to try out the controls of the remote controlled vehicle (ROV)

It sure was fun. I really enjoyed my trip on the Manta.

Still planning my trips for this year, I hope to be on my way soon.

Bye for now

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